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Never Unarmed DVD (705442008972)

A free man has the inalienable God given right to defend his person family loved ones and property from violent assault unlawful seizure confiscation or trespass. Since firearms are currently at the top of the force continuum it is essential that a free man possess them in abundance and be skilled in their use or he will not long enjoy his precious freedom. Never Unarmed is a very broad look at an enormously wide subject the firearms and ammunition you need to own or acquire for recreation hunting survival and self-defense.

Filmed over 2 1/2 years its a HUGE undertaking and features Lynn C. Thompson with the gloves off as he discusses the pros and cons of air guns .22 handguns .22 rifles mini revolvers pocket pistols service revolvers service pistols big bore handguns single shot handguns single shot rifles double rifles bolt action rifles pump action rifles lever action rifles semi auto rifles single and double shotguns pump action shotguns and semi automatic shotguns. In format Never Unarmed will be mostly show and tell with tactical and training insights from time to time as well as thought provoking demonstrations regarding the use of cover concealment improvised fighting positions home-made shields and much more. At times the presentation can become quite graphic as Lynn teaches how to defend yourself against dangerous animals as well as how to neutralize violent human adversaries.

Meant for an international audience it offers lots of options for those who dont enjoy the freedom security and access to justice we do in the U.S.A. and are already severely restricted in their ability to keep and bear arms.

Absolutely chock full of non stop action graphic demonstrations and exciting feats of speed accuracy and fire power Never Unarmed is guaranteed to blow you away and change the way you look at and think about firearms forever.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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The Fighting Sarong DVD (705442005896)

Ron Balicki will take you through a comprehensive look at the Indonesian and Filipino art of The Fighting Sarong. To date this art is relatively unknown to the world. Ron has trained in Sarong fighting for over 20 years and is sharing his vast knowledge with you today. You will learn how to use the Sarong against an attacker who comes at you with punches kicks and grappling. Learn what to do if your opponent tries to counter you or grab onto your sarong. Ron will also teach you how to use the sarong to defend yourself against a knife. In this series you will also get a special section taught by Martial Arts legend Guro Dan Inosanto.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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The Fighting Machete DVD (705442007104)

Machetes are some of the most common and useful tools in the world. They are used on ranches farms and orchards or wherever thick brush or dense jungle abound their long wide blades get the job done.
But the Machete is more than just a tool. In a self defense emergency it can also double as a big knife or short sword capable of cutting slashing smashing or piercing just about anything in its path. In this instructional DVD series Lynn Thompson teaches you how to harness the full self defense potential of these versatile blades.

This video will help you utilize the potential of this common tool in thiis amazing instructional program.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Self Defense w/Sjambok DVD (705442006398)

In addition to its use as a cattle prod whip and a means of self protection the African Sjambok is also known as a formidable snake killer. Its considerable reach lightning speed and devastating impact make childs play of dispatching some of the biggest snakes. And you can imagine how devastatingly effective it is on two legged predators as well. A light blow can raise a serious welt while a heavy stroke can cut through thick clothing as efficiently as a razor leaving a fearsome yet non-lethal wound.

In this new DVD entitled Self Defense with the Sjambok Lynn Thompson President of Cold Steel and Chief Instructor of our training division will teach you how to use the Sjambok to defend yourself and your loved ones.
Heres just a partial list of the subjects covered...

Advantages of the Sjambok as a weapon.
- Training equipment and safety.
- Gripping methods.
- Fighting stances.
- Footwork.
- One and two handed striking methods.
- Pommel strikes.
- Pushing pulling and hooking.
- Encircling trapping tripping and uprooting.
- Smashing choking and sawing.
- Using footwork to avoid blows.
- Defending your weapon hand stop hitting counter slashing parrying blocking using the empty hand.
- Defeating disarm attempts.
- Defeating the charge.
- Defeating the standing grapple.
- Strategy.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do DVD (472398165382)

VOLUME 1-2 Beginning:

- Stances Footwork Basic Kickboxing & Defense
- Introduction to Trapping Drills & Entries
- Ung Moon 5 Gates & Wooden Dummy #3 & #4

VOLUME 3-6 Intermediate:

- Intermediate Focus Mitt Drills Sidekick Counters & Focus Mitt Trapping
- Trapping Sectors Praying Mantis Drill Don Chi Sao Single Sticky Hand Chi Sao Double Sticky Hands
- Loy Pac Sao Biu Gee Jow Sao & Ping Choy Gua Choy Series
- Si Lum Tao & Wooden Dummy #1-6

VOLUME 7 Advanced:

- Advanced Focus Mitt Drills
- Advanced Biu Gee Jow Sao Double Pac Sao & Ping Choy Gua Choy Series
- Advanced Reference Point Drills
- Grappling Chi Sao Double Sticky Hands & Wooden Dummy #1-9

VOLUME 8 Instructor:

- Jow Sao Series The Helix
- Split Entries Focus Mitts
- Chi Sao Instructor Level
- Wooden Dummy #1-10


- Sifu Dan Inosanto Teaches
- Extra Footage of Ron Balicki demos etc.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Stun Stagger and Stop DVD (705442005506)

If you are suddenly attacked a heavy walking stick or stout cane can be a great comfort. This DVD will give you the necessary skill and confidence necessary to overcome muggers gang members and other street lowlifes determined to attack you or members of your family.

In This DVD You Will Learn About:
- The Power Stroke.
- The Fan.
- The Drop Stroke.
- The Wrap Stroke.
- The Flurry.
- The Punyo.
- The Redondo.
- How to Hit Using One or Both Hands.
- How to Build Strength Agility and Power in Your Strikes
- Perfect Your Defense by Learning How to Stop Hit Counter Slash Block ParryPass and Shield.
- How to Defend Yourself Against an Opponent whos Trying to Wrest Your Stick Away from You Using One or Even Both Hands.
- Demonstrations of the Multiple Ways to Fight Off an Opponent who Charges and Tries to Grapple You to the Ground.
- How to Escape from a Standing Grapple Situation or How to Get Back into the Fight if You are Dragged to the Ground.
- Our Strategy and Tactics for Dealing with Multiple Attackers Edged Weapons and Blunt Impact Weapons.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Ron Balickis Filipino Boxing DVD (705442007111)

In this DVD series you will learn the traditional Filipino boxing method using empty hands instead of gloves. Developed during the heyday of bare-knuckle boxing it has surprised and confounded the traditional western style boxer for more than a century. This is because it is not just a fist-oriented art it teaches you how to use your whole body to subdue or drive off an attacker. These instructional DVDs will take you where no other video boxing training has attempted to go before. Whether youre a novice or experienced fighter this video series has something of great value for you.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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