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Attractant (58521)
Hunters liken a Swamp Donkey to Big Foot. Some say they have proof of one and there are some that say they don't exist. To us a Swamp Donkey is a Big Bad, Heavy Horned, Moss Backed Buck. Now you can attract and grow Swamp Donkey's with the secret formula. Testing, modifying and documenting the dramatic results of this formula for 7 years, the motivation for bringing you this closely held formula in Swamp Donkey is to supply you with an attractant which can promote overall deer health, energy and blood flow - which can help increase antler growth and body weight. Put deer where you want them with Swamp Donkey. Warning: Baiting Deer is a violation in some areas. Check your local laws and regulations before using Swamp Donkey.


- 7 Year Tested and Proven Secret Formulation
- Proprietary Ingredients Selected to Increase Overall Deer Health, Energy and Blood Flow - Which Can Help Increase Antler Growth and Body Weight
- Used exclusively on high profile game ranches until now
- 6 lbs.
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Donkey Juice (58828)

A liquid attractant from the makers of Swamp Donkey designed specifically for bucks.


- High fat/high energy formula
- Great source for critical minerals
- Sweet acorn and molasses flavoring attract all deer

  • Donkey Juice
  • Brand: Primos

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