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Cass Creek Game Glide Drag-n-Sled (CCDSDSB)
Dragging boar is the most dreaded part of hunting and it could even be dangerous to those in poor health. While there are other tools that could be used to aid in the transportation of the animal (ATVs, reusable deer sleds, wheeled carts, etc.), they are all much more expensive, heavier, and more complicated, which may cause them to not work well for many hunters.

We designed the Game Glide with you, the hunter in mind. Through the use of innovative design and high-tech materials, the Game Glide meets these goals, while making your drag much easier and your hunting experience more enjoyable. The Game Glide attaches in seconds, using only three strings. To use, field dress your animal and and lay it on its side. Securely tie the animal with your rope-style drag before laying it on the unfolded Game Glide. With the Game Glide logos facing upward and your animal on its side, firmly tie Red Rope (1) around the animal's neck.

Once Red Rope (1) is secure, tie the remaining orange ropes around the animal's stomach area. With all three ropes in place, you can easily pull your game back to your launch area without breaking a sweat, all the while protecting the animal's delicate hide. The Game Glide is disposable, so there's no need to scrub and sanitize for reuse. Don't hurt yourself trying to pull harder. Instead, hunt smarter with the Game Glide.

The Game Glide Is:

- Effective Game Glide helps to keep the fun in hunting by making the drag back to camp up to 46% easier.
- Ultra Light weighs only 6 ounces!
- Convenient when packaged the Game Glide fits easily into a pocket or pouch
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Deer carcass Bag Deluxe Grade (59)

Protect the harvested meat while packing out of the mountains or transporting from camp to home. Stretch knit bags will hold one deer carcass or one elk quarter. Allows for excellent air circulation keeps meat clean and the bags are washable and reusable.

Holds one Deer Carcass or One Elk Quarter

  • Deer Carcass Bag Deluxe Grade
  • Brand: Allen Cases

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Field Dressing Gloves: Surgical& Shoulder (51)

Field Dressing Gloves

- One pair of wrist length latex gloves for tedious work
- One pair of shoulder length gloves to protect clothing and minimize clean-up
- Color: White/Clear
- Size: Standard

  • Field Dressing Gloves: Surgical & Shoulder
  • Brand: Allen Cases

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