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Reloading DVD (0095DVD)
Host David Tubb guides the handloader from basic to advanced reloading. Using hands on examples and high tech computer graphics, this tape provides an in-depth look at how to reload. Topics covered include safety, reloading philosophy, components, equipment and testing. 120 Minutes. DVD


- Host: G David Tubb
- Subject: Reloading
- Media Type: DVD
- Run Time: 120 Minutes
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Sierra Infinity Suite V7 (0702)

Sierras Infinity Exterior Ballistic Computer Software version 7 provides multiple trajectory charts and graphics point blank range calculate zero uphill/downhill shooting maximum range minute of angle profiled wind improved atmospherics revised print formats trajectory in mils and more. Easy to use Windows format makes Infinity extremely user friendly. Bullet library includes all major bullet companies as well as ammunition companies and allows for addition of new and custom bullets.

  • Sierra Infinity Suite V7
  • Brand: Sierra Bullets

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Essentials of Muzzleloading Video (MC4017)
Join muzzleloading experts Jason Sebo and Chad Schearer as they show you how to properly and safely use your modern muzzleloader.


- History
- Types of Muzzleloaders
- How the Guns Work
- Safety
- Loading
- Shooting
- Cleaning & Maintenance


- Subject: The Complete Muzzleloading Instructional Video
- Format: DVD
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