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The Fighting Sarong DVD (VDFS)

Ron Balicki will take you through a comprehensive look at the Indonesian and Filipino art of The Fighting Sarong. To date this art is relatively unknown to the world. Ron has trained in Sarong fighting for over 20 years and is sharing his vast knowledge with you today. You will learn how to use the Sarong against an attacker who comes at you with punches kicks and grappling. Learn what to do if your opponent tries to counter you or grab onto your sarong. Ron will also teach you how to use the sarong to defend yourself against a knife. In this series you will also get a special section taught by Martial Arts legend Guro Dan Inosanto.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Stun Stagger and Stop DVD (VDSC)

If you are suddenly attacked a heavy walking stick or stout cane can be a great comfort. This DVD will give you the necessary skill and confidence necessary to overcome muggers gang members and other street lowlifes determined to attack you or members of your family.

In This DVD You Will Learn About:
- The Power Stroke.
- The Fan.
- The Drop Stroke.
- The Wrap Stroke.
- The Flurry.
- The Punyo.
- The Redondo.
- How to Hit Using One or Both Hands.
- How to Build Strength Agility and Power in Your Strikes
- Perfect Your Defense by Learning How to Stop Hit Counter Slash Block ParryPass and Shield.
- How to Defend Yourself Against an Opponent whos Trying to Wrest Your Stick Away from You Using One or Even Both Hands.
- Demonstrations of the Multiple Ways to Fight Off an Opponent who Charges and Tries to Grapple You to the Ground.
- How to Escape from a Standing Grapple Situation or How to Get Back into the Fight if You are Dragged to the Ground.
- Our Strategy and Tactics for Dealing with Multiple Attackers Edged Weapons and Blunt Impact Weapons.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do DVD (VDJKD)

VOLUME 1-2 Beginning:

- Stances Footwork Basic Kickboxing & Defense
- Introduction to Trapping Drills & Entries
- Ung Moon 5 Gates & Wooden Dummy #3 & #4

VOLUME 3-6 Intermediate:

- Intermediate Focus Mitt Drills Sidekick Counters & Focus Mitt Trapping
- Trapping Sectors Praying Mantis Drill Don Chi Sao Single Sticky Hand Chi Sao Double Sticky Hands
- Loy Pac Sao Biu Gee Jow Sao & Ping Choy Gua Choy Series
- Si Lum Tao & Wooden Dummy #1-6

VOLUME 7 Advanced:

- Advanced Focus Mitt Drills
- Advanced Biu Gee Jow Sao Double Pac Sao & Ping Choy Gua Choy Series
- Advanced Reference Point Drills
- Grappling Chi Sao Double Sticky Hands & Wooden Dummy #1-9

VOLUME 8 Instructor:

- Jow Sao Series The Helix
- Split Entries Focus Mitts
- Chi Sao Instructor Level
- Wooden Dummy #1-10


- Sifu Dan Inosanto Teaches
- Extra Footage of Ron Balicki demos etc.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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The Fighting Tomahawk DVD (VDFT)

The Tomahawk is a uniquely American invention. It can double as either a highly useful tool or as a ferocious piece of weaponry. It is in fact these two attributes that have endeared the Tomahawk to generations of countless Americans. Tomahawks in many variations have seen service in every armed conflict in our nations history. Unfortunately up until now there has been very little formal instruction on how to exploit the versatility of the Tomahawk and take advantage of its full potential as a weapon. That is why after 13 years of manufacturing and 15 years of research training and sparring Cold Steel is presenting our new DVD The Fighting Tomahawk.

Covered Topics:

Advantages of the Tomahawk as a weapon.
- Customizing your Tomahawk.
- Specialized training Tomahawks and safety issues.
- Gripping methods.
- Fighting stances and postures.
- Chopping cutting slashing and hacking.
- Stabbing slapping hammering gouging and sawing.
- Pushing pulling and hooking with your Tomahawk.
- Avoiding blows stop hitting counter slashing blocking parrying and using the empty hand.
- Disarm defenses.
- Stopping the charge.
- Strength and agility drills.
- Distance judging drills.
- Identifying an enemys weakness.
- Creating and exploiting openings or opportunities.
- Fight strategy.
- Sparring drills and actual sparring.
- Opposing other weapons.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Fighting w/Cutlass & Sabre DVD (VDFSC)

Fighting with the Saber and Cutlass is really not for people who are only interested in gaining dexterity in sport fencing or the learning the superficial choreographic techniques used for stage and screen. There are plenty of resources available on the market for learning those skills. This DVD set is designed as a serious straightforward and focused course that deals solely with the combative use of the saber and cutlass.

The series begins by illustrating how to properly oppose an opponent who is armed with a weapon that is similar to your own. This is the best way to build the necessary foundation of skills techniques and eye-hand coordination that will allow you to oppose a wide spectrum of adversaries who are armed with all kinds of street weapons.

After learning and refining your basic skills you will be ready to progress to the seldom taught subjects of infighting grappling and brawling with a saber. There is even a section on how to throw a saber with great effect in a combat situation.

Covered Topics
- Gripping Methods
- Ready Stance or On Guard Position
- Footwork Methods
- Fighting Ranges
- Seven Primary Cutting Methods
- Five Primary Thrusting Methods
- 8 Essential Parries
- Cut Thrust and Parry Drills
- Ripostes
- Combat Strategy
- How to Recognize and Create Openings
- Infighting
- Grappling
- Brawling
- Throwing the Saber or Cutlass

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Warriors Edge DVD Set (VDWEP)

As many of you know I am not enamored with the oft repeated saying: If you get in a knife fight expect to be cut. The reason is that this saying condemns even the highly skilled knife fighter to be wounded disfigured disabled or even killed if ever forced to put his training with a blade to the test. This is why for the past ten years I have spent an enormous amount of time in full contact sparring with my training partners to develop a knife fighting method that allows the properly trained fighter to vanquish his enemy with minimal risk of being cut or stabbed in the process. During this developmental period I have borrowed heavily from Western Fencing and Filipino Martial Arts including Lameco Escrima Japanese Ken Jitsu and Western Boxing as well. I have even added techniques and methods that are entirely my own.

The result of this effort is a knife fighting method which stresses the avoidance of close range in favor of long range techniques aided by footwork rhythm timing speed and superior tactics and strategy. Recognizing that many of my customers cant attend our seminars on this subject I have condensed our basic course onto 3 DVDs so you can now study and train in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Whats more I guarantee that if you study them faithfully and practice diligently with a training partner you will gain the skill and ability necessary to give you a huge advantage if ever forced to defend your life or a loved ones with a fighting knife.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Ron Balickis Filipino Boxing DVD (VDFB)

In this DVD series you will learn the traditional Filipino boxing method using empty hands instead of gloves. Developed during the heyday of bare-knuckle boxing it has surprised and confounded the traditional western style boxer for more than a century. This is because it is not just a fist-oriented art it teaches you how to use your whole body to subdue or drive off an attacker. These instructional DVDs will take you where no other video boxing training has attempted to go before. Whether youre a novice or experienced fighter this video series has something of great value for you.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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The Fighting Machete DVD (VDFM)

Machetes are some of the most common and useful tools in the world. They are used on ranches farms and orchards or wherever thick brush or dense jungle abound their long wide blades get the job done.
But the Machete is more than just a tool. In a self defense emergency it can also double as a big knife or short sword capable of cutting slashing smashing or piercing just about anything in its path. In this instructional DVD series Lynn Thompson teaches you how to harness the full self defense potential of these versatile blades.

This video will help you utilize the potential of this common tool in thiis amazing instructional program.

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Cold Steel Challenge DVD (VDCSC)

Cold Steel Challenge DVD
This three DVD set is a documentary recording of the Cold Steel Challenges from 2004 to 2007. Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson
introduces each DVD with a general overview of the proceedings followed by the up close and personal view of the events that only
a camera can record.



  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Death Down Under DVD (VDDU)

Death Down Under
Come on the hunting adventure of a lifetime with world-renowned hunter and martial artist Lynn Thompson as he travels throughout Australia.
On this journey youll head into the rugged outback of the Northern Territories where Lynn will put his skills to the test hunting huge Asian Buffalo.
Asian Buffalo are bigger in body size than the African Cape Buffalo. They have much thicker skin and are notorious for being far tougher and more challenging to kill.
Lynn will then travel from the Northern Territories to Southern Australia to hunt trophy Red Deer and Elk. Additionally he will be assisting property owners and
various government departments throughout Australia to cull Buffalo Red Deer Fallow Deer Kangaroos and other pest animals that threaten local crops and livestock.
This video features non-stop action and footage of over thirty days of hunting throughout Australia. Youll see over 126 animals fall to Lynns trusty rifles

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Handgun Hunting Down Under DVD (VDHH)

Handgun Hunting Down Under Imagine experiencing a hunting trip where you truly didnt know if youd come back in one piece Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson came close while hunting the outback of Australia. One small mistake while trekking through the bush could have easily meant hed be steam rolled by a 2000 pound Buffalo or get gored by a vicious wild boar. And thats not including the other deadly challenges such as venomous snakes huge saltwater crocodiles and shark-infested rivers.

Always drawn to a new challenge Lynn is potentially the first big game hunter in the world to take the Big Five Elephant Cape Buffalo Rhino
Hippo and the Lion and the Dangerous Seven the Big Five plus the Leopard and the Crocodile with an iron sighted handgun. And in this video
you will see his skills put to the test yet again. Share in this unique hunting experience Down Under as he takes on huge Asian Buffalo and wild boar of Australia with his trusty Ruger .44 Magnum RedHawk and Super RedHawk revolvers. In his 30 day hunt throughout the Northern Territories Lynn will take them all on armed only with his
.44 Magnum revolver and his favorite Hornady Ammunition

  • Training DVD
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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