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Recoil Protection (310010)
The PAST Mag Plus Shield is designed to provide the same unparalleled recoil protection as the original Mag Shield but features a larger surface area. The heart-shaped design expands the recoil absorption area, extending protection to the upper arm. This quality is especially valuable in those cases when the rifle or shotgun is not shouldered perfectly. The size and shape of the Mag Plus Shield creates the perfect combination of function and comfort. This time-tested design has become a favorite for shooters around the world. The shield's " thick energy-absorbing pad provides excellent protection for calibers ups to 300 Winchester Magnum.


- Weight: 6 ounces
- Handage: Ambidextrous
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Recoil Protection (330110)
The PAST Super Mag Plus Shield is designed to tame the real thumpers like the 416 Rigby and the 500 Nitro Express. This shield is 1" thick and provides the highest protection level of any PAST Shield. With the maximum amount of energy-absorbing protection, the Super Mag Plus Shield makes shooting even the biggest calibers tolerable. The heart shaped design provides superior protection for the shoulder and the upper arm.


- Weight: 10 ounces
- Handage: Ambidextrous
- Thickness: 1"
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Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield for Women (360000)

The PAST Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield for Women is designed to give the female shooter a customized competitive edge. Worn under clothing this patented recoil protection has a comfortable cotton blend cover that easily attaches to a bra strap without removing the blouse or shirt and stays in place with its hook and loop closure system. The result is an unseen protective layer of the PAST recoil absorbing foam for the female shooter. Weighs only 2 ounces!

- Ambidextrous

  • Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield
  • Brand: Caldwell

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MicsReactar G2 Pad Impact Gel (309013)

Brownings exclusive REACTAR pad REcoil ACTion ARrestor absorbs recoil on the inside of vest jacket or shirt without altering appearance or increasing length of pull. When we introduced the REACTAR is was a breakthrough. Today it is a proven performer. Most of us at Browning have one in our shooting vests. But the REACTAR is equally effective shooting groups off the bench.


- Uses patented environmentally-friendly Impact Gel which reduces peak recoil
- Only 8 mm thick
- Lightweight
- Flexible to form to the body
- Dimensions: 3 3/4 W x 7 L


- Activity Use: Shooting
- Color: Light Gray
- Gender: U

  • Reactar Pad G2
  • Brand: Browning

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