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Sentinel Youth Long Bow Set (ABY215)

Equipped with durable heavy weight fiberglass composite limbs. This fine youth archery product boasts a center shot composite riser backed with heavy duty all weather strings. A durable right hand rest makes the Sentinel an outstanding shooting long bow.


- 45 tip to tip - longer limbs designed for improved balance and forgiveness at the shot
- 8 Brace height
- Right hand grip - integrated design to allow for optimum hand placement
- Custom string


- 20 lb. draw weight - great for beginners ages 8 and up
- 25 max draw - allows for years of use with the same bow set
- Limbs: 1 piece Composite
- Riser: Composite

Kit Includes:

- 2 Composite arrows
- Two-piece quiver
- Arm guard
- Finger tab
- Pin sight
- Arrow rest

  • Sentinel Youth Long Bow Set
  • Brand: Crosman

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Youth Archery (1276)
As the popularity of archery continues to surge, families across the country are realizing the many benefits of getting kids involved in this dynamic sport. Strength, focus and confidence are just a few of the reasons archery is captivating millions across the country. Barnett provides an entire line of youth bows and accessories to help introduce new archers to the sport and challenge advancing marksmen to sharpen their skills.


- Ambidextrous Riser (Dealer Assistance Required)
- Soft Touch Reinforced Grip

Included Accessories:

- Soft Touch Finger Rollers
- 2 Arrows
- Adjustable Sight Pin


- Ages: 5 - 8
- Draw Weight: 15 lbs
- Draw Length: 18 - 22
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