Turkey Mouth Calls

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Turkey Mouth Call (PS1176)
Simple and dependable - You're going to love the way this call works. The Sonic Dome Series has been designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth. The dome gives you a consistent distance between the reeds and the roof of the dome, for an incredibly consistent sound. The Sonic Dome Series calls use latex reeds. These calls will do it all.


- Great young hen sound
- One latex reed with Double cut
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Hacked Off Buzz Cut (PS1256)

The Primos Hacked Off Series mouth calls produce incredible realistic and unique pitches that even the wisest tom cant resist. Custom designed by combining more than 100 years of experience by passionate determined turkey hunters with premium gauge reeds and precision hand made cuts. The Hacked Off Series also features a smaller design that is easier to use by hunters with small palates. The adjustable tape with printed trim lines makes it easier than ever to customize your mouth call for the perfect fit.


- Soft raspy yelps crisp cuts
- Triple reed design
- Medium Frame

  • Hacked Off Buzz Cut
  • Brand: Primos

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Tac Ops (277)

The Primos Tac-Ops pot call offers turkey hunters a hand fitting ergonomic design as well as an all-weather surface that will allow you to call in a turkey no matter the condition. This call features an Anodized Aluminum Disc with an All Weather Striker developed specifically for the serious turkey hunter in mind. So if youre ready to take your hunting to the next level; get serious get Tac-Ops.


- Tactical appearance and feel
- Pre-conditioned all weather surface
- Solid black call and striker
- Quality sound of a wild turkey

  • Tac Ops
  • Brand: Primos

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Turkey Mouth Call (PS114)
Cutting single frame call. Three reeds, first reed is latex with inverted diamond cut for high start. Second and third reeds are from prophylactic for raspy finish. Produces raspy yelps, clucks, cut, cackles and young gobbler kee-kee runs.
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Turkey Mouth Call (1183)
Simple. Versatile. Dependable. The A-Frame uses a patent pending process to trap the reeds and keep the perfect amount of tension, so the call will sound great over time. The A-Frame is contoured to fit your mouth. When you try an A-Frame, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to use.


- 2 Latex Reeds
- Bat Cut in Top Reed
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